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The Alliance-Alsace Union

Cave de Turckheim et Cave du Roi Dagobert


For over 25 years, the Cave du Roi Dagobert has nurtured a close partnership with the Cave de Turckheim.
Both wineries share the same production specifications as well as the same internal organisation which is coordinated by a joint quality manager.
Since 2006, the wines from both wineries have been marketed through a GIE (Economic Interest Grouping) which is shared equally by both wineries. Eight sales representatives are responsible for developing sales with both French and international clients.

In 2012 the two wineries merged to create a cooperative union named Alliance Alsace. Each production site will have its own area of specialisation. A 6500m2 unit for Crémant production is currently being built on the Cave du Roi Dagobert site whereas a bottling site for still wines is to be built on the Turckheim site. This new set-up aims to optimise working tools whilst maintaining the specificities and quality of all wines.