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The men involved

Conseil d'administration 2016


The Cave du Roi Dagobert developed its cooperative status to unite men and women who understand that more can be achieved by working together than by ourselves. This motto was already shared by the founding members in 1952 and is still in place today. For an economic organisation such as the Cave du Roi Dagobert, the main objective is to take control of its own destiny. All major decisions are made collectively by a supervisory board and a general assembly which gives strength and power to its strategies.

Our winery was therefore one of the very first, 15 years ago, to establish its own internal specifications based on integrated viticulture and sustainable development. In order to improve quality, it was collectively decided to implement parcel selections so that vine parcels can be classified before harvesting and then vinified separately according to quality.

  Contrôle des pièges à papillons
Contrôle de l'état de maturité
Contrôle de l'arrivage des raisins 

Furthermore, we are aware of the importance of passing on efficient working tools to future generations. Investment for modernisation purposes takes priority over instant financial gain, as can be seen by our modern, state-of-the-art facilities. (cf: equipment and expertise)

Our cooperative winemakers are proud to promote the fruits of their labour by hosting wine tastings in our wine cellar and other points of sale.

  Animation Portes Ouvertes
Visite du vignoble
Dégustation au caveau